The only good ice is…

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Sometimes it feels like this for sure!

…in a glass of lemonade!

(or in a tumbler of fine Scotch!)

Ice and snow build up on your roof in the winter. Isn’t it pretty? Like a house in a little Christmas village – until falling ice hurts someone or the roof starts to cave under the weight of heavy snow.

Then it’s not so pretty…

So pretty – but what’s hiding underneath could be an ice dam that’s causing damage you can’t see… yet.


No problem – I have insurance for that!

Fortunately, according to the Insurance Information Institute, most homeowner’s policies cover damage related to ice dams.

But who has the time for file claims? And what if you have a deductible? After you apply for a claim will your rates go up?

Take some preemptive steps to safeguard your home so that your insurance is a back-up plan.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation allows heat to escape your attic (through vents at the edge of the roof) without it warming your roof deck and creating ice dams.

Insulation: The Institute for Business and Home Safety recommends insulating your attic from the rest of the house to avoid heat leaks. Identify and seal off sources of heat leaking, including vents, furnaces, electrical outlets and light fixtures.

Preparation: Clear debris and leaves out of your gutters before winter. Look for signs of dripping, leaking or mold in the attic so that you address the issue before it does serious damage to your home.

Using the proper underlayment can prevent many roof issues.

Protection: In new roofing projects “underlayments” – products that create watertight barriers between the deck of your roof and the shingles – won’t be able to stop ice damming but may be able to prevent or minimize damage.

The safest way to get ice and snow off your roof? Let a professional to it! Let us keep you (and your home) safe.








If you find an issue, hire the professionals!

Using the improper tools to remove ice & snow
on your roof can do more harm than good.


If you have this much snow at your door, imagine what’s on your roof!